RATIO in Shanghai serves coffee by day and cocktail by night. A revolutionary retail concept harnessing the power of technology to deliver personalized coffee and cocktails for the discerning individual, launched in pop-up form this summer. Combining sophisticated technology and exquisite taste, RATIO’s menu is customizable. Drinks are made-to-order, in the exact RATIO you prefer. RATIO is a truly versatile venue and space for customers to meet clients and/or socialize. RATIO launched at China’s critically acclaimed and trendsetting mall K11 Shanghai in pop-up form this June, followed soon after by residence in Raffles City, People’s Square. Dozens more stores are in the pipeline at hotels and co-working spaces in Asia.

RATIO in Shanghai | Handles their obsession for your taste with precision driven by science

Like a 1.2 shot of espresso in your cappuccino? Or an extra strong 4oz bourbon in your Old Fashioned? RATIO’s obsession with precision is driven by science. An individual’s sensory capacity for bitter, sweet, and umami is determined by genetics. The distribution of taste buds is also genetically programmed. That’s why no two taste palates are identical. Using the best robotic technology and software, RATIO developed and refined a specialized system that can put together ingredients according to the exact RATIO that will satisfy your individual palate. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, RATIO stores your orders, learns about your preferences and even makes recommendations during future visits. Also, no new apps to download. Just scan the code at your table, order and pick-up when drinks are ready. “But humans will not be replaced,” says RATIO’s founder Gavin Pathross.

RATIO | The cobot & his team of RATIOlogists

Harnessing the accuracy and consistency of a ‘cobot’, short for ‘collaborative robot’, each drink is prepared precisely to order, and speed – one latte in under one minute. No mistakes, no hygiene issues. Founder Gavin Pathross: “Cobots are just better than humans in performing repetitive work. They’re great at executing orders, freeing up our team of RATIOlogists, assembled from Asia’s best baristas and mixologists, so that they can do what they do best – provide personalized service and have great conversation with our guests.” A team of seasoned RATIOlogists with a combined 50 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry is on-deck, all the time to serve and enlighten both the uninitiated curious drinker as well as the seasoned connoisseur. “We’re literally raising the bar on beverage service”, says Chief RATIOlogist Steve Teo. “Our team will help guests discover their individual preferences and customize their own RATIO. We want you to be particular about your G&T and select precisely 20 ml of lime and 60 ml of gin, for example. Bartenders elsewhere will be too busy to have that kind of conversation. That’s why RATIO is unique.”

Credit: Horeca Trends, 14.08.18
Ratio in Shanghai | A ‘cobot’ lets you taste the future